Like for many others, it’s been one transformational experience for me too.  For someone who refuses to walk and needs company even for an errand, running a marathon means something!

Even after two years of my first running attempt, at best I was an average half marathoner. Thanks to some friendly taunts I vowed myself a full marathon to be acknowledged as a runner. Goal set, foundation laid but clueless on the path to this seemingly impossible task!

Landing at KaysFIT Academy proved to be my watershed moment in many ways. Giving me a holistic approach to fitness, diet and disciplined training, my running has significantly improved over the last 9 months.

Coach Kay’s personalized training schedule, feedback sessions, running tips and more importantly his attention during times of self- doubt ensured I completed my maiden marathon with utmost precision.

Aspirations maybe similar but being different in capabilities, one needs customized training plans to achieve this. Finding a coach with competence and someone you can vibe well with is the tough part and this comes with abundance at KaysFIT Academy

Kay is not just a fitness coach known for his knowledge or illimitable achievements, but a caring human who goes that extra mile to help overcome your shortcomings. His academy doesn’t limit training only the elitist Comrades’, but also novices like me bitten by the running bug yearning to stretch one’s limits. His strength lies in maintaining the balance between giving your space and breathing down your neck.

A coach with a heart and a great sense of humour who passionately mold your fitness dreams into reality – that’s Kay. I have no hesitation in vouching for his academy and wish him the best.