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Welcome to the fun and exciting world of Coach Kay, where a passion for sports and endurance running meets a lifetime of diverse expertise. I am Kannan Sundararajan, known as Coach Kay in the sports world. This name signifies my rich background and my commitment to nurturing individuals, touching their lives and beyond their athletic pursuits.

With over three decades of experience spanning engineering, software development, program management, and leadership roles in consulting and project management, my journey has been a mosaic of diverse accomplishments. In 2016, amidst this corporate trajectory, I boldly decided to chase my passion and establish an endurance coaching academy.

With a foundation in education, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (BE Mechanical) and have further expanded my knowledge with a master’s degree in M.Sc Performance Coaching. As an ACE-certified personal trainer, UESCA Ultrarunning and Performance Coach, race director, and corporate fitness consultant, I leverage this academic background to personalise the coaching journey. I facilitate holistic growth in physical prowess, mental resilience, and personal development by integrating sports science, evidence-based coaching approaches, and technology.

The marquee ultramarathon events I’ve created, such as OOTYULTRA and Bison Ultra, reflect my commitment to crafting premium experiences in exotic locations. Through these events, I strive to provide runners with more than just races – I offer them opportunities to challenge themselves and discover new horizons.

My coaching philosophy isn’t just about achieving athletic goals and profoundly impacting individuals’ lives. It’s about bringing out the best in every person, leveraging my unique mindset to foster their success. Join me on this exhilarating journey where sports, expertise, and personal growth converge, and let’s unlock our full potential together.

Coaching Style

As a mentor and coach, I’m wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding my clients toward their goals while uncovering their untapped potential. With a profound understanding of running, sports performance, human anatomy, kinesiology, functional training, sports strength & conditioning, and a wealth of ultrarunning experience, my coaching approach is truly one-of-a-kind.

Harnessing my project management background and expertise in professional process excellence, I empower my clients with essential planning skills. This empowerment sets the stage for them to evolve into their best versions and attain enduring success. Remember the adage, “Inspire a person to learn, and they’ll thrive for a lifetime. Empower them to teach themselves, and they’ll become the masters of their destiny. “This principle encapsulates the essence of my coaching philosophy, which I infuse into every coaching relationship.

Running Accomplishments

  • Ultramarathons & Marathons
    • Completed over 50 marathons and 20+ ultramarathons since 2011.
    • Personal records: Full Marathon (FM) in 3:51 hours, Half Marathon (HM) in 1:41 hours, and 10k in 44 minutes.
  • Special events & run for a social cause.
    • Ran 42 marathons in 42 consecutive weekends (covering 1780 km) across India in 2015-2016 (10 months) to raise awareness of road safety and first aid.
    • First-ever finisher of The Triangular Run Challenge, completing 500 km in one month in May 2019.
  • Ultradistances
    • Ran the Malnad Ultra 110 km in 2017 in 18 hours.
    • Achieved a Back-to-back finisher title in the Comrades Marathon, a 90 km ultramarathon in South Africa.
    • Finished the Vagamon Ultra 80k in 12 hours.
    • Completed the JHU 75k run in 12 hours.
    • Completed the Bangalore Stadium Run with 84 km in 2016.
    • Completed the Chennai Nitros Attack Stadium Run with 86 km in 2018.
    • Completed the 100-miler (160 km road race) at The Border 100 miler in under 27 hours and 59 minutes.

Coach Kay is a recipient of ALERT BEING AWARD – 2017 for being a Good Samaritan for saving lives and accident victims.

Road Safety Campaign in Limca Book of Records​

The 2018 edition of the Limca Book of Records featured my Marathon Safety Campaign under the human story section.

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