KaysFIT Academy partners with Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) 

KaysFIT Academy (KFITA) and Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) announce a strategic partnership to provide top-quality long-distance running coaching services

Bangalore, India 17-Mar-2023, Thursday.  KFITA is excited to announce its partnership with CSE, one of India’s premier integrated multi-sport complexes, to provide top-quality coaching services for long-distance running. This partnership aims to offer coaching and training experiences of the highest standard to runners of all levels, including amateurs, elites, and corporate communities.

Through this partnership, KFITA will leverage CSE’s extensive infrastructure to deliver innovative coaching and training programs tailored to meet runners’ specific needs. The two organizations share a mission of promoting fitness and healthy living, and this partnership is a step towards achieving that goal.

As a result of this collaboration, KFITA will now be based within the premises of CSE located in North Bangalore. KFITA will collaborate with CSE and other academies (located within CSE campus) to develop an integrated program for athletes through running specific coaching and educational programs. This will promote and support their health, fitness, and performance goals.

KFITA and CSE share a joint vision of offering athletes from high-performing and amateur backgrounds the essential expertise, tools, and ecosystem to achieve their full potential. Through this partnership, runners and athletes from various domains will access CSE’s world-class infrastructure and KFITA’s expert knowledge and running coaching.

Manu Jagan, Operations Head of CSE is with Coach Kay, Ultrarunning Coach, KFITA
Manu Jagan, Operations Head of CSE with Coach Kay, Ultrarunning Coach, KaysFIT Academy

“We are thrilled to partner with CSE and combine their world-class infrastructure with our expertise in long-distance running coaching. This partnership will enable us to provide runners of all levels with a unique, high-quality coaching experience that will help them achieve their goals” said Coach Kay, ultrarunning coach and the founder of KFITA.

“One of the objectives of CSE is to include as many disciplines as possible, and we are fortunate to have one more, and such a unique discipline as well, something we never thought or expected to have here. We are excited to start this, hopefully, churning out many athletes coming out of CSE under Coach Kay’s guidance.” said Manu Jaganathan, Operations Head of CSE.

This partnership presents an excellent opportunity for runners of all levels, whether beginners or experienced marathon and ultrarunners, to develop and enhance their running skills, achieve their race day goals, and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The partnership caters to runners of both amateur and elite levels, providing ample opportunity for them to scale up their running skills.

KFITA is a Bengaluru-based academy that has been providing personalized running coaching services since 2016. Their mission is to assist runners of all levels reach their potential by offering evidence-based training and tailored coaching. Kannan Sundararajan, a former corporate professional who transitioned into an ultrarunning coach, founded the academy. KFITA has helped numerous runners participate in marathons in India and internationally, break personal records, and adopt running as a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to personalized running coaching, KFITA organizes running events like OOTYULTRA and Bison Ultra. OOTYULTRA is an annual road ultramarathon in Ooty, offering four different distances: 90k, 60k, 30k, and 15k. Bison Ultra is an exclusive trail ultramarathon through private coffee estates, offering two distances: 50k and 25k. These events provide challenging and unique experiences for running enthusiasts.

Through OOTYULTRA, KFITA launched community initiatives to build sports infrastructure in Ooty, promoting healthy living and encouraging people to participate in sports and exercise. KFITA’s efforts highlight their dedication to promoting fitness and well-being in the community. KFITA hopes to inspire individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles and pursue their fitness goals by providing access to sports infrastructure.

KFITA’s involvement in organizing these events demonstrates its commitment to promoting running as a healthy and fulfilling activity. The academy’s training techniques rebuild foundations, enabling athletes to gain self-awareness and improve performance. KFITA collaborates with corporate teams to improve their health and well-being, boost productivity, and achieve fitness goals. KFITA strives to be the leading authority in running coaching and event organizations dedicated to helping individuals lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

About CSE

CSE is a fully integrated, first-of-its-kind sporting hub in India. We provide world-class, hassle-free infrastructure across ten different sports, including Badminton, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Shooting, Squash, Basketball, Athletics, and Volleyball, for high-performance athletes, qualified coaches and recreational users.

CSE’s mission is to provide world-class sports infrastructure and services to support today’s and tomorrow’s champions by collaborating with the best people and partners and creating an accessible sports ecosystem under one roof.

In less than five years of its inception, with immense passion and dedication, CSE and its partners have produced numerous international and national champions and Olympians.

Alongside world-class sporting facilities, CSE offers multiple other ancillary services like premium fitness & wellness centres for the well-being of the athletes before, after and during training sessions and competitions, as healthy food and beverage option for the salubriousness of the athletes. Lastly, CSE is also home to leading retail outlets, including multiple sports equipment retailers, a supplement store and a salon, catering to every need of athletes under one roof.