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“The Malnad Ultra is a fascinating race, mostly a trail run through some of the most enchanting and exciting terrains you can imagine. It is designed to provide the next-level experience for marathoners who have gotten bored with the usual city runs and want to graduate to the next level. The course is laid out in the heartland of Indian coffee in the Malnad region of Karnataka at elevations from 1140 m (30k) to 3800 m (100k)” (source:

Also read about Coach Kay’s personal experience of completing the Malnad Ultra 110k in the Tale of Two Ultras blog. Coach Kay completed the Malnad 110k in 2017 in

Get your “designed for Malnad Ultra” coaching and mentoring package

A personalized program designed to support your race goal, race day weather conditions, elevation, your running strengths & limitations, hydration & fuel requirements and, much more

Custom coaching & mentoring package includes

  • Special offer on the package personally delivered by Coach Kay
  • Health screening & risk assessment
  • FMS & biomechanical evaluation by professional sports physiotherapists (available in Bangalore)
  • Set realistic goals for your Malnad Ultra
  • Understand trail running challenges; go with a solid preparation
  • Techniques & nuances of running on a trail
  • Cut-off, Racing and pacing strategy
  • Fueling & nutrition strategy
  • Personalized & scientific coaching
  • Injury prevention & recovery techniques
  • Regular reviews checks