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Introducing Shashwat Rao: Mountain & Trail Ultrarunning Expert and Advisor, KaysFIT Academy

Shashwat Rao’s extensive experience in ultrarunning, particularly on technical trails and in challenging conditions like high altitudes and extreme weather, is a significant asset. His accomplishments in demanding terrains, such as the Himalayas, and his participation in many UTMB International races in Europe and Asia, demonstrate his adeptness in diverse and harsh environments. This background makes him an invaluable mentor at KaysFIT Academy, where his insights and strategies for tackling complex trails and weather conditions will significantly benefit aspiring ultrarunners. His knowledge of these rigorous courses will provide future athletes with the skills and confidence to excel in ultrarunning, preparing them for a wide range of global race conditions. Shashwat’s blend of technical expertise and real-world experience in some of the world’s toughest races uniquely equips him to guide and inspire the next generation of ultrarunners at KaysFIT Academy.

His diverse experience spans over seven years in IT, media, and sports. Shashwat holds a postgraduate diploma in sports management from the University of Calcutta, an MBA from Bangalore University, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Bangalore Institute of Technology.

Shashwat Rao brings a wealth of ultrarunning experience to KaysFIT Academy. His expertise is set to enhance the academy’s complex ultra-training programs and races, making them challenging and enriching for all runners. His role in the OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra races is expected to add significant value.

Shashwat: an inspiring ultrarunner

Shashwat Rao’s ultrarunning career is distinguished by his endurance and skill in various global races (UTMB Proifile)

The Spiti Run (168 Km): 1st Place
Kodaikanal Hill Ultra (130 Km): 1st Place
Hell Ultra (480 Km): 1st Place
Uttarkashi 135 (220 Km): 3rd Place
Nilgiris Ultra (100 Km): 3rd Place
Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (171 Km), France: 3rd Place
SRT Ultra: Podium Finish
Vagamon Ultrail: Podium Finish
Rinjani 100, Indonesia: Podium Finish
Tor des Geants (330 Km), Italy: Participant
Tor des Glaciers (400/450 Km): Participant (race stopped)
Malnad Ultra (110 Km, 2016): 4th Place
Malnad Ultra (110 Km, 2017): Participant
Malnad Ultra (80 Km, 2018): 4th Place
Malnad Ultra (100 Km, 2022): 1st Place
Doi Inathon (100 miler, 2023): 6th Cat Rank
Malnad Ultra (100 Km, 2023): 1st Place

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