“Become an #ultraanything is a one day motivationalinteractive & practical workshop that focuses on 8 powerful concepts designed for mid-level to senior management through the integration of corporate & personal learning to the world of health, fitness & endurance sports

Participants: 33 of them from HDFC Ltd., Coimbatore

Location: Hotel IBIS City Center, Coimbatore

Date: 04-Jul-2018, Sat 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

04-Jul-2018, Sat 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Session feedback:

“It taught me that health & fitness is very much related to one’s personal & work lifestyle. Insights on the importance of individual fitness and that of the team to accomplish the task were highlighted”

Very different from the usual training sessions I have attended. A very practical approach where a layman can understand & implement in daily life. There was a real surge in inner strength to do well I excel in whatever I do. I really Liked the session on retrospection.

It was a wonderful session. Thank you for your time and energy you spared for us. All the topics you covered will have an impact on me. Loved the session on mindful eating

It was a useful and interactive session. I learnt about regular exercise and the importance of being fit and healthy. I’m geared up for staying fit hereafter by exercising daily. This will extend in the official work/project in which I’m involved also. The positive attitude will be spread to all colleagues through me to lead a healthy and fit mind and soul. Thank you

I’ll go back and develop my hobby & pursue the same

Nice & interactive session with good activities & everyone’s involvement. Mind-body association was the best part of the session. Immediate changes will be on food habit

The session was helpful in understanding the importance of maintaining physical fitness. The process of maintaining fitness and how it relates to various stages of our life were informatory. It was an interactive and engaging session in the morning. I always assign importance to fitness and now after attending this, it is just one step forward in my progress

It was an eye-opener to me. I’m now aware of the link between my physical health and professional health and how fitness can provide me with a healthy life, pride, make me more efficient in my daily work” “It was a good learning experience related to physical body and to have a discipline in our day to day life

Learned the aspect of fitness being vital for an individual to succeed in his work life was started with good examples”“The session gave us an insight into various aspects of how to be who you want to be (Ultraanything) The way the importance of these aspects in terms of fitness & running were compared with our professional/personal life was very interesting & useful.. Personally, I enjoyed the endure & succeed aspect the most

Fit & fuel right aspect was interesting as it can be applied easily. I was able to understand the importance to make conscious efforts for managing my personal time henceforth

Really amazing experience. Attended a good personal development workshop after many years. Physical activities in the workshop made it very interesting & feeling motivated and confident

Workshop highlighted the importance of physical activities with proven improvements to health and confidence

Very informative session on life principles & having a good foundations, how to be a balanced personality and identify a character and build on it” “Will go back and discuss this session learnings with my spouse and finalize our fitness objectives.

Unique workshop without the usual management gyans“A very interactive session. The acts that we as team performed are fitness oriented and quite unique too. An eye opener to learn and respect the way our body function”