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Introducing Our Sports Physiotherapist & Conditioning Specialist: Ravi Kumar, Vesoma

Meet Ravi Kumar, a leading figure in sports physiotherapy and a dedicated conditioning specialist at Vesoma Sports Medical Center. With his profound educational background, Ravi brings a Master’s degree in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy alongside a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. His commitment to advancing his knowledge is demonstrated through acquiring various certifications, such as Dry Needling, Capri Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT), and expertise in sports conditioning and athletic taping techniques. Ravi’s role is pivotal in nurturing high-performance athletes, particularly from Padukone Sports Management (PSM), where he shines in fitness training, injury management, and educational workshop leadership.

About Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar’s career spans a variety of sports disciplines, making him a versatile and skilled physiotherapist and conditioning expert. His professional journey includes significant roles at the Indian Athletic Academy, Bangalore Division Football Association, and as a Rehabilitation Specialist at Gold’s Gym. These experiences have refined his ability in on-field injury management, rehabilitation program design, and the delivery of health and wellness workshops. Academically, Ravi has contributed to the field with research on cryotherapy, foam rolling for muscle soreness, and the impact of yoga on Type 2 diabetes mellitus. He is a lifelong learner, continuously enhancing his skillset through workshops in Mulligan therapy, McKenzie manual therapy techniques, and athletic taping.

Elevating Your Academy Experience

At KaysFIT Academy, Ravi Kumar introduces the RCF (Reconstruct the Foundation) Framework, a testament to his comprehensive approach to athlete development. This innovative methodology bridges his vast experience in sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and strength & conditioning, aiming to elevate athletic performance while significantly reducing injury risks. Ravi’s holistic strategy focuses on physical enhancement and instils a culture of health and fitness that benefits athletes beyond their professional careers. His commitment to this approach is poised to transform the academy experience, ensuring athletes achieve their best while fostering long-term well-being.

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