KaysFITAcademy has reached a significant milestone by delivering the most exciting motivational primer session for the “Be #ULTRAanything”.

This session was presented to the Philips PLP (PIC Leadership platform) which constitutes the leaders from various teams, at the Philips Innovation Campus in Bangalore.

Be #ULTRAanything is a one-day motivational workshop delivered by KaysFITAcademy to corporate agile, project and leadership teams. The session combines eight key ingredients carefully crafted from personal learning and the world of fitness and endurance Ultramarathon running experienced by Coach Kay.

It was an exciting journey to understand the leadership challenges/opportunities and to create a custom-crafted material with topics that would excite, inspire and motivate the innovation campus leaders. The highlight of the session was when 3 of the leadership team members, instantly came forward to accept a challenge placed in front of them, to do something “uncomfortable and be comfortable,”i.e. in this case, to tun their first ever longest distance, a 15k at the second edition of the Ootyultra on the 7-Apr-2019, Sunday. They just made an exciting decision of becoming #ULTRAmalaivasi’s.

They will receive a custom training plan to get to their start line and all the three of them are expected to experience the transformation through the incredible journey of preparing mentally and physically to run the first 15k run in the beautiful blue mountains in summer 2019.