“I still don’t believe that I finished “Jawathu Ultra 75 km”. I was not a professional runner or athlete or sports person till 2013. My first ever running event was 2013 TCWM (Wipro Chennai Marathon) – Half Marathon.  I practised only for events without prior experience or formal training.

Even though I had finished a few half and full marathons, I had a nagging feeling of not completing a marathon with full energy. I was keen to participate in a 75 km Ultra and one of my running friends introduced me to Kay as my training mentor. I had just about 12 weeks for the 75 K race and Kay accepted my request and rolled out a training schedule. 

Every week his counselling and improvement tips helped me not only gaining the endurance but also confident about my running. He also designed a pacing chart for the race based on his assessment about me, the course complexities and the weather conditions.  You won’t believe, I was amazed to see my finish time…I finished the Ultra with a 10 minutes difference with the pacing plan 

This clearly showed how closely he tracks and observes about some one’s training performance

His mentoring helped me to learn how to prepare and do a long distance run with ease. After training under him I always felt like having more energy to run some more distance after finishing the race. His training program always focuses on staying fit to enjoy the run. He always takes care of each and every detail like the sleeping pattern, diet, our comfort levels during each split of the run, hydration etc…I am amazed to hear his scientific explanations about why each and every factor is important for a run. I definitely say he has groomed me as a decent runner by educating important factors which contribute to becoming an ULTRA runner!!! 

I have to mention something about another side of Kannan (Fondly called Kay)
For me, he is an extraordinary person who has committed what he wants to achieve. His 42 km for 42 weeks running to spread safety awareness shows his contributions towards the society 

When Kay ran the #helpkiran campaign, many people trusted him and extended their contributions. It shows the commitment towards his social cause and the credibility what he has among his network. 
I am always surprised to see his time management. I wonder how is balancing his professional life (now he resigned and leading his life towards reaching his dream), travel commitments, practice commitments, participating events, training programs, spending time with his family etc…I don’t know where he is stealing the time from 

Kay… simply you are GREAT!!! I shall proudly say I am a part of “KaysFIT Academy”, you have discovered my best!!!! I am confident many more beneficiaries will enjoy your relationship on coming days like me…. 
Congratulations and all the Best for your future endeavours!!!” 

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