Balaji Thulasiraman

“I started running marathons since May 2014. I had done some Half marathons, Full marathons and one 50k in an unorganized way and with my own plans. My goal has been to complete a full marathon in sub 4 hrs. I had missed narrowly in three consecutive marathons. I had an opportunity to meet Kay during The […]

Elango Shanmugam

“I still don’t believe that I finished “Jawathu Ultra 75 km”. I was not a professional runner or athlete or sports person till 2013. My first ever running event was 2013 TCWM (Wipro Chennai Marathon) – Half Marathon.  I practised only for events without prior experience or formal training. Even though I had finished a […]

Balaji Thulasiraman – Comrades finisher

Balaji Thulasiraman had completed his first ever Comrades Marathon on the 4-Jun-2017 marking it also his first ever international race (read the entire post here) “Coach Kay’s training methods, motivation, care made me see the finish line.For comrades long run practice in Nandhi Hills in Bangalore. He had sacrificed his whole day and helped me till the finish […]

Easwari Andiappan – 3rd month at the Academy

It has been 3 months since I have joined KaysFIT Academy. When I joined the academy, there were few things I told Kay, that I wanted to achieve (actually a big list). He told me that I’m rushing and asked to pause and feel the joy of doing it before I take it on. That sounded nice. […]

Satyashil Pradhan, Comrades finisher

Satyashil Pradhan was 38 when he was determined to do the Comrades Marathon. He is so unique with his approach to running the Comrades marathon. He thought and planned to run his first full marathon after signing up for the Comrades Marathon. He ran his first full marathon in Jan 2018 and ran his maiden […]

Susheyl Balabaskaran

Like for many others, it’s been one transformational experience for me too.  For someone who refuses to walk and needs company even for an errand, running a marathon means something! Even after two years of my first running attempt, at best I was an average half marathoner. Thanks to some friendly taunts I vowed myself […]

Ms. Roopa Raju

“It has been a pleasure being associated with Kays. Though it was for a short period, my 9 year old daughter who aspires to be an athlete, showed immense improvement in her core strength and fitness” “Your analysis of her running style was very impressive. Was taken aback by how you noticed even the most […]

Be Ultraanything primer workshop at Philips Innovation Center

KaysFITAcademy has reached a significant milestone by delivering the most exciting motivational primer session for the “Be #ULTRAanything”. This session was presented to the Philips PLP (PIC Leadership platform) which constitutes the leaders from various teams, at the Philips Innovation Campus in Bangalore. Be #ULTRAanything is a one-day motivational workshop delivered by KaysFITAcademy to corporate […]

‎Jaisinh Vaerkar‎

I consider myself fortunate to have found Kay’s FIT!I had been running for around six years on my own and was merely running marathons without any progress in time or form. I was also constantly injuring myself. I have been a part of Kay’s Fit academy for more than a year now and can see […]

Be Ultra anything workshop – at HDFC Bank Coimbatore

“Become an #ultraanything is a one day motivational, interactive & practical workshop that focuses on 8 powerful concepts designed for mid-level to senior management through the integration of corporate & personal learning to the world of health, fitness & endurance sports Participants: 33 of them from HDFC Ltd., Coimbatore Location: Hotel IBIS City Center, Coimbatore Date: 04-Jul-2018, Sat 9.30 am to 4.30 pm : 04-Jul-2018, Sat 9.30 am to 4.30 […]